The Jarrah Vision

Jarrah Integrated Services Pty Ltd (Jarrah) provides workplace centric services such as hospitality and catering, maintenance, cleaning and concierge and support services for clients across Australia. We have coverage national, with capability to deliver services in any environment.

Jarrah is Indigenous owned and operated, we have had significant growth in the first twelve months of operation.

Collaboration with Prompcorp and Bunji

Leading facilities services provider, Prompcorp, is the minority shareholder of Jarrah. Together the two companies work collaboratively to bring employment and up-skilling opportunities to Indigenous people. Jarrah either self-delivers services using our own resources or, alternatively, delivers services under a collaborative arrangement with Prompcorp who provide Operational Managers, Supervisors and resources to support the delivery of works. The collaborative relationship provides Jarrah with increased capacity, resources and systems to deliver workplace services across a wide array of industry sectors and geographic locations.

Jarrah provides Indigenous people with career development and long-term employment within workplaces in the facilities industry.

Our in-house skilled and experienced personnel are supported by a national infrastructure of equipment, offices and warehouses which allows us to self-perform the vast majority of works without relying on third parties

Prompcorp and Bunji invest heavily in people and technology to support the growth of Jarrah.

We operate out of 13 offices and workshops across South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and the Northern Territory.